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​Larry Hargrave / Background

The story behind the story of A.C.O.M.

My daughter completed her graduate degree in Human Development and Psychology. Before she was born, I completed the same degree. Her degree is from Harvard. Mine was from a pioneering school in the field, but not Harvard.

She is well aware of the research I conducted and the approaches and methods that were developed and established in my years as a psychotherapist and as the founder and director of a clinical practice in the Lincoln Plaza Medical Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

She has been the encourager and the collaborator behind the launch of A.C.O.M. Coaching. The coaching model is a carefully constructed application of what was previously done in therapy and is now being presented, not as advice, therapy, or counseling, but in coaching or tele-coaching. This thought-provoking and creative process will inspire and free you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


The difference from our competitors is in the unique combined processes and approaches that you can now experience in coaching.  Click Here to schedule a complimentary starter ZOOM conversation. See how we can provide a forward thinking, proven process for the results you want.

A.C.O.M. Coaching

What is A.C.O.M.?

The A.C.O.M. concepts were originally developed in the eighties. Over 15,000 sessions have been conducted with individuals in this integrated, mindset-empowering approach.

During your exploration with a coach you will engage Assumptions, Cycles, and Obstacles to go beyond the surface and attain mastery in your Mindset.

Phone and/or ZOOM coaching sessions are 45 minutes. The package includes a complimentary pre-coaching discovery session. Access is limited to English speakers in the US at this time, and there is typically a wait to get started. The A.C.O.M. experience is personal, often life-changing, and worth the wait.

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