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The A.C.O.M. Approach

Creative Insights with Life-changing Results

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New Insights
New Understanding
New Wisdom
New Mindset
in Your   Dominate
in Your Thoughts
in Your Choices
in Your Emotions
in Your Relationships
The question-based approach will invite you to discover for yourself, and dig deeper into who you can become.
Out of your Comfort Zone and into your New Beginning
I can help you prepare to achieve your goals with an accountability plan to sustain your achievements.
The A.C.O.M. strategy is a two month, five session program to launch you forward with new confidence, more personal peacefulness, and greater productivity.
And how do I know my program works? Because I've developed your personal growth around the A.C.O.M. method.
The A.C.O.M. Method
Many people fail to reach their goals and potential new beginnings over time due to a poor platform (foundation). We will build a refreshing new foundation with new insight, understanding, and wisdom.
This systematic strategy relies on the combining of creative imagination and mindfulness with insights to help you be both inspired and focused.
After solving personal stumbling blocks in your assumptions, and identifying cycles and obstacles more clearly, we'll move forward to what you have to work with, then set and organize your goals, and see them through to success in a new mindset.
This phase lays the foundation for your success. Based in an introduction to the little known and little understood world of  'Systems Theory', we will consider assumptions. We will then explore what you identify and present in a way that we can dig into what you do and the reasons you do it.
This will be our platform as you discover passion for your goals, destroy insecurities/limitations, and direct new confidence toward great rewards.
We'll introduce thought, identity, image, and influence cycles to take a definitive look at what you have, and where you are so we can build a plan for where you want to go. The Cycles phase relies on your expanded knowledge of reactions, resistance, responses, and our organizational system to create the resolve you want to overcome weak points, and operate in increased strengths.

Once we've established your Assumptions and Cycles tools, we can look into your obstacles with a new perspective and plan a course for where you're going. Together, we'll develop practices, tasks, and techniques based on your dominant strengths and your unique capacities.
As we pursue your brighter future we'll see greater consistency as you respond in your new mindset (your new resolve) to those critical moments when trigger points, reactions, and pressures would have previously taken you away from your goals. To ensure you stay on track we'll review your A.C.O.M. experience and keep up with your goals and progress in supportive quarterly online checkups at no charge for a full year.
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